Clogged Sewers in Santa Clarita, CA


If your sewer line is clogged, you should treat it as an emergency situation and contact a plumber right away to have it repaired. Whether you need your sewer line replaced or simply unclogged, time is of the essence in responding to the problem. Here are the answers to some questions you might have about clogged sewer lines.


What causes a clogged sewer line?

In many cases, the clog is caused by roots in the sewer line. An intruding root from a nearby tree can puncture holes in your line and even cause a blockage. Older sewer lines may simply deteriorate and break down over time. Much of the time, however, sewer line blocks result when you put items in your toilet or sink drain that they aren’t designed to handle, such as grease, paper towels, or baby wipes.


How can I tell if I have a clogged sewer line?

It is usually fairly easy to tell when you have a clog in your sewer line. If you’re noticing backups or overflowing in multiple drains—such as both your toilet and your kitchen sink—it’s a sure sign that you have a sewer line issue. Bubbling water in your toilet is another telltale symptom of a clogged sewer line.


What should I do when I have a clog in my sewer line?

You might be tempted to try to fix the clog yourself using a chemical cleaner. Harsh commercial cleaners, however, can do damage to your pipes and may not even resolve the issue. The safest and surest way to clear up a clog is to rely on an experienced professional. The plumbers at Rooter Drain Expert can use state-of-the-art equipment—including video inspection, hydro jetting, and trenchless pipe repair—to solve the problem for you.


When you’ve got a clogged drain or a broken sewer line, it’s time to get in touch with Rooter Drain Expert. Our plumbers will come to your home in Santa Clarita, CA, and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We’ve provided trenchless drain repair services for more than a thousand homes over the last 20 years. You can get in touch with us today at (661) 641-4165.

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